• Cultivate Creatives Picnic

    In the middle of July, fresh after a rainstorm, creatives gathered in a garden for a picnic. It was a great opportunity to connect and enjoy a delicious assortment of food and get to meet each other! We have another picnic scheduled for September 6, and would love for more creatives to join! Check out more info here.

  • Curiouser & Curioser

    “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”
    -Alice in Wonderland                                           

    This past year, I was commissioned to create a few pieces for a family in Charlotte. I was contacted by a women at work, who was by far the most fun grandmother ever! She helps to decorate her grown-up daughter's house, and has filled it with whimsical items and lively colors. Walking into the family's home you can see how playful their spirits are. It took a while to complete all three projects, but I can finally say they're done! It was such an exciting experience for me, I certainly grew and learned a lot during the process. Since it was the first time I've accepted a freelance commission, one lesson being that I probably won't be doing such large scale freelance for a good while. Who has the time with weddings to attend practically every other weekend in the summer and trips every month or so for work?? However, I am excited to share with you the finally completed projects!  
    The first project was inspired by a piece I had constructed for the store, chairs with exaggerated height to hold hanging apparel. So, we pulled that idea, and tweaked it to create shelves for the little girls bathroom, to hold her towels and trinkets.
    This is the original sketch I drew for them, when first asked to create this installation. It's not all too common that the actual execution looks better than the original sketch, but I think it does in this case! Hello- poor scale, and awkward height.
    The final piece is perfect for the little space between her water-closet and sink area. As you can see, the room has adorable pink illustrated paper, with pink and white stripes in the water-closet. They added the polka-dot ribbon to edge the shelves, which just makes it even sweeter. I'm obsessed with the white and block checkered floors! With all these special details, and the rabbit print in the background, how perfectly Alice in Wonderland does this feel?!
  • Dixie Seating Co. Market Booth

    Last week was a busy week of installing a booth for the furniture market in High Point for the Dixie Seating Company! They shared a sneak peek of the construction and a simple how-to based on some display I designed for the space. Check it out here.

  • Catawba River Antique Mall Booth

    Amongst the many other projects I am currently pursuing, I also took on a 10x10' booth at the Catawba River Antique Mall. I pushed to complete the booth construction before the soft opening on October 17, while also balancing the market booth install for Dixie Seating Co and the windows for Sozo Gallery. I'm really happy with how it turned out! Here's a peek into the progress of construction. Now to just keep it full of items for sale…

    The stack of pallet wood and space on the right is my booth!

    First wall is complete! Luckily I'm sharing a wall with a neighbor and they were wonderful enough to construct it and allow my to attach my pieces.

    Framing the right wall. 

    Right frame is complete, now for the details!

    I purchased antique windows from a small shop in Thomasville, GA back in college. They've finally been put to use!

    Structure set for window inserts.

    Wall installed, thanks to my Mr.'s help propping things during his lunch break.

    I had a ton of extra painted wood left from the Dixie Seating Co booth, and since it's my favorite color, I couldn't not use it!

    Finishing off the edge.

    Edge & window insets are done!

    Top braces and roofing for a finishing touch!
    I managed to move a few items in on Saturday. The white pallet dish rack sold within 4 hours! I'll be adding more items on Friday and in the future- expect to find vintage, antique, repurposed and handmade items in my booth! The grand opening celebrations starts this Friday at 4pm. Festivities start at 10am and run all day Saturday- including an outdoor market, fresh lunch by Tin Kitchen, and a bounce house!
  • Birdhouse Playroom Bookshelves

    A couple months ago, I completed a project for a playroom. The client was inspired by a cubby structure I had built at Anthropologie that staggered up from the floor with birdhouses mixed in. She was looking for a modern, but playful take on bookshelves for a play area. She also wanted it to be sophisticated, as it opened up to their foyer. We worked to chose the pop colors of the birdhouses, and matched the white to the Ikea cabinet with the birch doors. While I was packing up, the little girl was already working to move her toys into the bins, and deciding where to put her toy birdie, so I would say it was a successfully completed job!

    And here's a bonus: what my living room looks like when I work on large scale projects!