• Cultivate Creatives Picnic

    In the middle of July, fresh after a rainstorm, creatives gathered in a garden for a picnic. It was a great opportunity to connect and enjoy a delicious assortment of food and get to meet each other! We have another picnic scheduled for September 6, and would love for more creatives to join! Check out more info here.

  • long overdue!!! tent DIY: part 3

    Seriously. It's been more than a year. At this point, your tent skeleton has been assembled in your living room for 14 months, awaiting walls, a top, and the finishing touches! So drum roll please... I finally bring you the last portion of the tent DIY!

    Use an embroidery hoop that is about 15-20 inches in diameter. Cut a strip of fabric and wrap around both loops. You will use this to connect all the sheets and to add the pitch to the tent roof. 

    I found some fun floral and striped fabrics with similar colors at a local junk store. Each side took a double bed top sheet.  Decide which patterned sheet should go where, by draping the sheets from each post. Standing inside of the tent post will make the next part easier. You can see where I pulled the front sheet off the frame for me to step in. Teaching out a hand underneath with the interior loop for the sheets to rest on, pull each to cross the center. Sandwich the fabric with the exterior loop on top, and begin to tighten.

    Don't pull the fabric tight as if you were to actually embroider it, but leave it loose in the middle of the hoop. Use a needle with a large eye to thread yarn through the center of fabric. I tied the yarn to the fan to pull up the roof. Not everyone's lucky enough to have a fan to tie to, so you may want to think about hanging a hook or just pulling the tent ceiling taught and flat.

    I wanted the inside of the tent to feel magical, so I cut strips of fabric with pinking shears and tied a single knot around lengths of yarn, spacing each fabric piece a few inches apart.

    I then tied each length of fabric to opposite horizontal poles, allow for a little bit of swag to happen, giving the space a softer feel with a little more depth.

    I allowed for some fabric to drape from the front of the opening, tying it up in the center of the pole and pulling it to the side for a soft swag. Bunting around the front side of the tent added another whimsical touch. Mismatched pillows and throw blankets created a cozy and inviting feel. Candles lit in a varied collection of glass containers, also found at the local junk store, helped to give a little magic!

    Chris' gifts were wrapped with craft paper, and touches were added in a black, red and white theme. I'm all about color schemes for gifts! The picture was a photo booth shot of us from New Years.

    With the lights out, the candles gave the needed twinkle!

    Chris loved that I had blocked him out of his living room and couldn't wait to see the surprise I was constructing, though the noise I made at some points had him a little concerned! Despite all the pink action going on, he still had the tent up several days later, as you can see below when Ellie, my dog, came to visit him later that week :)

    What special touches of whimsy will you add to your tent?

  • Curiouser & Curioser

    “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”
    -Alice in Wonderland                                           

    This past year, I was commissioned to create a few pieces for a family in Charlotte. I was contacted by a women at work, who was by far the most fun grandmother ever! She helps to decorate her grown-up daughter's house, and has filled it with whimsical items and lively colors. Walking into the family's home you can see how playful their spirits are. It took a while to complete all three projects, but I can finally say they're done! It was such an exciting experience for me, I certainly grew and learned a lot during the process. Since it was the first time I've accepted a freelance commission, one lesson being that I probably won't be doing such large scale freelance for a good while. Who has the time with weddings to attend practically every other weekend in the summer and trips every month or so for work?? However, I am excited to share with you the finally completed projects!  
    The first project was inspired by a piece I had constructed for the store, chairs with exaggerated height to hold hanging apparel. So, we pulled that idea, and tweaked it to create shelves for the little girls bathroom, to hold her towels and trinkets.
    This is the original sketch I drew for them, when first asked to create this installation. It's not all too common that the actual execution looks better than the original sketch, but I think it does in this case! Hello- poor scale, and awkward height.
    The final piece is perfect for the little space between her water-closet and sink area. As you can see, the room has adorable pink illustrated paper, with pink and white stripes in the water-closet. They added the polka-dot ribbon to edge the shelves, which just makes it even sweeter. I'm obsessed with the white and block checkered floors! With all these special details, and the rabbit print in the background, how perfectly Alice in Wonderland does this feel?!
  • street art inspiration

    I'm currently gearing up for one of my largest freelance projects yet. I am so excited about this opportunity, and the freedom I have within the given direction, but I'm also a little intimated by the scale and installation itself. I have actually been asked to create a few installations within a kids' bonus room. The intimidating part is a large wall mural inspired by Mr. Brainwash. So, I've been heavily researching and prepping images and ideas these past few weeks. While the inspiration, and likely direction, is very specific to the client's desired aesthetic, I've stumbled across a few images that make me melt a little. I wanted to share them with you! What makes you melt at it's site?

    Holly Dolly
    Would this not be dreamy behind your headboard?
    I love the feminine & detailed line-work, as well as the teal in this!

    Hubby and I stumbled upon this one while honeymooning in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
  • Engage!13 Paper Cut Wedding Dress

    I had the incredible fortune to be asked to create a paper wedding dress for Engage!13 at the Biltmore Estate. It was to be inspired by Cornelia Vanderbilt, who's wedding reception was hosted at the Estate in the 1920's. The dress was on display for the grand Great Gatsby-esque Gala on the last night of a several day conference. Emily Chidester was wonderful enough to tag along and document the process and final installation of the dress! 

    The event space was incredible to see and it was so exciting to be a part of the set up for such a grand evening! Check out this video that captures some of the magic or this one!

  • Catawba River Antique Mall Booth

    Amongst the many other projects I am currently pursuing, I also took on a 10x10' booth at the Catawba River Antique Mall. I pushed to complete the booth construction before the soft opening on October 17, while also balancing the market booth install for Dixie Seating Co and the windows for Sozo Gallery. I'm really happy with how it turned out! Here's a peek into the progress of construction. Now to just keep it full of items for sale…

    The stack of pallet wood and space on the right is my booth!

    First wall is complete! Luckily I'm sharing a wall with a neighbor and they were wonderful enough to construct it and allow my to attach my pieces.

    Framing the right wall. 

    Right frame is complete, now for the details!

    I purchased antique windows from a small shop in Thomasville, GA back in college. They've finally been put to use!

    Structure set for window inserts.

    Wall installed, thanks to my Mr.'s help propping things during his lunch break.

    I had a ton of extra painted wood left from the Dixie Seating Co booth, and since it's my favorite color, I couldn't not use it!

    Finishing off the edge.

    Edge & window insets are done!

    Top braces and roofing for a finishing touch!
    I managed to move a few items in on Saturday. The white pallet dish rack sold within 4 hours! I'll be adding more items on Friday and in the future- expect to find vintage, antique, repurposed and handmade items in my booth! The grand opening celebrations starts this Friday at 4pm. Festivities start at 10am and run all day Saturday- including an outdoor market, fresh lunch by Tin Kitchen, and a bounce house!
  • Graffiti Wall Mural Behind the Scenes

    Last summer, I had the incredible fortune to be asked to do a custom mural for a kids bonus room. The owner was a dream to work with, as she brought incredible artists and inspiration images to our first consultation. We worked from images of Banksy's work, as well as Mr. Brainwash, building upon a London Underground, hard rock theme. I worked on sketches and upon her approval, began to prep the repurposed images and source a drum set on craigslist. I had the month of July to create the piece while they were away, and completed it just in time for their return! Here's a peek behind the finished product! 
    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural Sketch
    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural progress

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural progress

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural progress

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural Drum set chandelier

  • Birdhouse Playroom Bookshelves

    A couple months ago, I completed a project for a playroom. The client was inspired by a cubby structure I had built at Anthropologie that staggered up from the floor with birdhouses mixed in. She was looking for a modern, but playful take on bookshelves for a play area. She also wanted it to be sophisticated, as it opened up to their foyer. We worked to chose the pop colors of the birdhouses, and matched the white to the Ikea cabinet with the birch doors. While I was packing up, the little girl was already working to move her toys into the bins, and deciding where to put her toy birdie, so I would say it was a successfully completed job!

    And here's a bonus: what my living room looks like when I work on large scale projects!