• Cultivate Creatives Picnic

    In the middle of July, fresh after a rainstorm, creatives gathered in a garden for a picnic. It was a great opportunity to connect and enjoy a delicious assortment of food and get to meet each other! We have another picnic scheduled for September 6, and would love for more creatives to join! Check out more info here.

  • Wall Treatment Inspiration

    I am dying to get my hands on a giant blank wall to fill with color and detail! So, this is my project pitch, I'm tossing out to the universe, if anyone wants a custom painted wall treatment... I have a pinterest board saved of inspiration for all kinds of wall murals or treatments and would love to collaborate in developing a unique design for your space! 

    Love the black and white handdrawn feel of this one. via

    Such bright and happy colors, and the dimensionality of the honeycomb wood pattern! via

    This tropical and summery design makes me want to move to the islands, perhaps I need to find a project in Florida.... via

    The softness and worn quality of this paint juxtaposed with a modern geometric pattern and the color pallette feels fresh and bright. via

    Love, love, loooove this bright wall mural, it's so happy and vibrant with the coral, and the lightness of the clouds feels like a sunrise! via

  • street art inspiration

    I'm currently gearing up for one of my largest freelance projects yet. I am so excited about this opportunity, and the freedom I have within the given direction, but I'm also a little intimated by the scale and installation itself. I have actually been asked to create a few installations within a kids' bonus room. The intimidating part is a large wall mural inspired by Mr. Brainwash. So, I've been heavily researching and prepping images and ideas these past few weeks. While the inspiration, and likely direction, is very specific to the client's desired aesthetic, I've stumbled across a few images that make me melt a little. I wanted to share them with you! What makes you melt at it's site?

    Holly Dolly
    Would this not be dreamy behind your headboard?
    I love the feminine & detailed line-work, as well as the teal in this!

    Hubby and I stumbled upon this one while honeymooning in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
  • Sozo Gallery Window Display


    I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Hannah Blanton in April this year, helping to plan and coordinate an installation for the Carolina Art Soiree, which she chairs. Hannah is an inspiring individual, full of energy and passion. She is opening a gallery in the Hearst Tower in uptown Charlotte and reached out to me again to get involved. I spent the last two days in her space working on a window display, helping with placement of art pieces and installing some drapes for color and emphasis. The artists she's representing have beautiful pieces exhibited and new work will rotate every 6 to 8 weeks.

    The opening reception is Thursday from 5:30-9pm with wine and live music. Stop by to check it out! Visit the site for more information about the artists and Hannah.
    I wanted to share some sneak peeks into the prep of the window. We were working within a very short timeline and small budget for this window, so some ingenuity with an easy material and composition was necessary to create a compelling display. I used basic acrylic craft paint and this amazing handy tool often used for stencils, but perfect for polka-dots. 

    I traced the negative space (a circle) on the outside of the window, and highlighted it with tape, so I could easily see the outline

     I proceeded to "pounce" paint on the window!
    Close up of how perfect the dots are thanks to those pouncers! 
     We wanted to work with the predominant colors in the art while also incorporating a seasonal color theme. To give a level of sophistication and control, we created a gradient and allowed the colors to fade out and become less dense the further they were from the center point.

    The finished window! 
  • Graffiti Wall Mural Behind the Scenes

    Last summer, I had the incredible fortune to be asked to do a custom mural for a kids bonus room. The owner was a dream to work with, as she brought incredible artists and inspiration images to our first consultation. We worked from images of Banksy's work, as well as Mr. Brainwash, building upon a London Underground, hard rock theme. I worked on sketches and upon her approval, began to prep the repurposed images and source a drum set on craigslist. I had the month of July to create the piece while they were away, and completed it just in time for their return! Here's a peek behind the finished product! 
    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural Sketch
    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Painted Wall Mural progress

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural progress

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural progress

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural

    the Beatles Union Jack Rock and Roll Painted Wall Mural Drum set chandelier

  • Wall Mural Inspiration

    This past summer I worked on a custom wall mural for a kids bonus room. I spent a couple weekends in July challenging myself in a completely new direction for me. It was a fun adventure to trust in the slinging of paint against a wall, and dripping from the Union Jack flag. 

    In the original consultation with the client, she brought a couple sample pieces of two artists. I thought I'd share some of the work I looked to while planning this installation. The first is the work of Mr. Brainwash you can read his wikipedia article. The second is the work of Banksy, here's his wikipedia article. If you'd like to watch an interesting Banksy documentary about Mr. Brainwash's rise to creating art, you should check out Exit Through The Gift Shop